Welcome Fastnachts Party


Appropriate to the Mainz carnival season we welcome you in our "Quartier Mayence" to a traditional carnival celebration. We kindly ask you to dress up appropriately. Don't worry, half of the city will be dressed up at this time. 

Location: Quartier Mayence

Walking distance: 1,5 km

Start: To be announced

End: There won't be no end 


Optional program

Event: „Weck, Worscht and Woi“


Enjoy tasty Mainzer „WWW" or „Weck, Worscht und Woi". This is the typical dialect from Mainz, which means "bun, sausage and wine". As a local lunch package, you receive it during a trailer tour through the wine yards in the hills around Mainz. Or this time at our pop-up-stand next to the cathedral of Mainz. Our special RT66 charity wine will be served as a Schorle - half wine and half sparkling water - or pure.

Start: 12pm (check this website for any updates) 

End: 16pm 

Location: To be announced.

Event: Guided tour Gutenberg Museum


One of the world's oldest museums for printing, the Gutenberg Museum invites visitors on a journey through four millennia of book, printing, and script culture. From cuneiform inscriptions to modern typography, from a reconstruction of Gutenberg's workshop and two original Gutenberg Bibles to the print shop (Druckladen), the museum's educational project space offer a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the "black art".


Duration: ~1,5 – 2 hours 

Walking distance: 2 - 3 km in Mainz Downtown 

Language: English or German


Foto: © Gutenberg Museum, Foto: Carsten Costard

Event: Walking tour „Meenzer Geschischte“ or "Mainzer stories"


This city tour is made for people who are not familiar with Mainz. But the tour comes with interesting insights and stories, so that you will leave Mainz as an expert afterwards. We are looking forward to seeing you at this informative and entertaining tour.

Duration: ~1,5 – 2 hours 

Walking distance: 2 - 3 km in Mainz Downtown 

Language: English or German

Event: Brewery tour


Visit the famous Eulchen Brauerei in the city center of Mainz. Started in 2013 by two students you can now enjoy one of their eight different beers. Take a look behind the scenes of their 1000m2 production and watch the brewing process.

Location: Eulchen Bier Brewery

Duration: ~1,5 – 2 hours 

Walking distance: 1,5 km in Mainz Downtown 

Language: English or German


Gala dinner and party

Event: Gala Dinner & After Party


For Saturday night enjoy our Gala event celebrating 50 years of Round Table 66 Mainz. Travel back in time looking at all the past achievements and service projects. Have a chance at winning a one-of-a-kind piece of RT66 history at our charity auction. After enjoying dinner, you will have a chance to party with us until the sun comes up and enjoy a nighttime view onto the rive Rhine.


Location: Kupferberg Terassen

Start: To be announced.